In the most recent years, the world has been swept off its feet by social networking websites. Without a shred of doubt, it has influenced many social institutions such as education, communication, business, politics, and even religion. In a short span of time, it has dramatically changed the outlook of most people and developed a unique way of socialization among people all across the world.

Recently, a revolutionary and award winning social media platform has broken out into the social networking scene with its innovative vision and unique take on online social interaction. IslamTag is the new and current social networking website launched on the 6th of June, 2010 the world is buzzing about. The founder is Nader Yahya Alkeinay, who is a PhD student in the University Science Islam Malaysia, developed the social networking site in prospects of creating a social interaction atmosphere created specifically to cater to people who are looking for the perfect blend of Facebook and LinkedIn.

Platform islamic social networking
The primary initiative of IslamTag is to provide a platform for people to present themselves professionally but through casual interaction. It harnesses the principles of the casual online socialization on Facebook and combining it with the professional tone of LinkedIn. It is the perfect halfway point of the two social networking giants. Not only is it the perfect social networking website for those searching for a website which can cater to their professional needs yet in a casual social networking atmosphere, but IslamTag also provides a lot of features necessary for online social interaction.

Nader Yahya Alkeinay has garnered awards for his revolutionary social networking creation in a variety of prestigious competitions and exhibits. He has won the gold medal for the 2011 Student Innovation Awards and achieved the grand prize for the Student Innovation Competition. He has also reaped the silver medal at i-Inova in 2011 and received an honorary
certificate from PECIPTA in the same year. He has also gained another silver medal from Innovation and Invention Exhibition (ITEX) for the student innovation exhibition in 2011. His recent award is the People’s Choice award from MakeWeekend in 2012, and he has participated in the world-renowned TechCraunch and finally IslamTag got gold medal in ITEX as well as silver in PECIPTA.

Today, the social networking website has more than 100,000 members and counting. IslamTag has garnered a whopping 30 million unique visitors from all corners of the world. It is one of the fastest growing social media platforms present on the internet. In addition, members can gain considerable knowledge about the world around them and how they relate to it. In the near future, IslamTag may become one of the forefront social networking websites in the world. Visit




Nader Yahya Alkeinay,
PhD. Student of Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Technology

Collaboration lectures:
Prof Madya Dr Norita Md Norwawi
Dr Najwa Hayaati Mohd Alwi
Dr Roesnita Ismail
Dr Fauziah Wahid