NILAI – Teaching and learning in line with 21st century education is a major emphasis in the current national policy of education. Every school and tertiary institution should progress and respond to challenges in empowering teaching and learning by harnessing e-learning.

At the PERMATA Insan College (KPI), Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), a research group was formed to spearhead the 21st millennium education challenge. This research group, led by Dr. Abdel Rahman Sulaiman Isleh, Mohd Firdaus Amran, Zulkarnin Zakaria and Nor Adlyizan Theis, has introduced the Arabic Made Simple product that utilises the MOOC software.

The group successfully glorified KPI and USIM in various innovation competitions organised by the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) throughout Malaysia when it successfully won the Gold Medal in International University Carnival on e-Learning (IUCEL) 2018 in the T-NOVATE category, and was awarded the Secondary School e-Learning Award in the IIDEL category, which takes place on September 12 to 13, 2018 at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUC).

“It is great as both an achievement and an example of e-learning utilisation in schools and HEIs, whereby we took 9 months to produce this app, which was ready for use in July 2017. However, it is still in its trial period and will be improved from from time to time.”

“This app has been used by KPI students in their teaching sessions throughout their time at KPI. This app is very interesting since it uploads animations and easy learning methods of the Arabic language among students,” added Dr Adbel Rahman.

It is hoped that this innovation can be continued not only for Arabic subjects, but also for other subjects so that the teaching and learning session in the classroom can be diversified.

The app also won the Gold medal at the e-Learning Carnival & Conference 2018 Competition, hosted by UTEM.


Chief Researcher:
Dr. Abdel Rahman Sulaiman Isleh

Group’s member:
Mohd Firdaus Amran
Zulkarnin Zakaria
Nor Adlyizan Theis