NILAI – In order to assist nurses in dealing with foot injury patients, Senior Lecturer of Faculty of Medicine and Health (FPSK), Dr. Mohd Asha’ari Bain, produce a modular of supportive device, “Elev8thor”, as to lift patient’s injured foot by ‘offload’ approach.

“Elev8thor” is a tool that reduces complications of foot injuries, as it facilitates medical personnel in managing any open severe wound. It is portable, light, compact and easy to be folded as it is designed using hard and soft foam that mitigates patients’ injured foot well.

According to Dr. Mohd Asha’ari Bain, it can also be used in some orthopedic procedures such as ‘balance traction’ procedures for foot fracture, x-ray procedures, fracture cast processes, ‘interlocking tibia’ procedures for injuries in tibia bones parts as well as to be implemented in treatment that uses ‘split skin graph’. The mobile modular block system applied by “Elev8thor” helps medical staff to conduct daily inspection and manage severe wounds efficiently. These blocks are specially designed to lift and move the injured parts in order to reduce stress and prevent ulcers to occur.

“This tool is able to save at least 15-20 minutes of time rather than traditionally nurses with three or more personnel need more time in treating patient’s foot injuries”.

“The product has won gold medal at the Islamic Innovation Expo 2018 (i-INOVA) and is in the process of patenting. Next, this product will be introduced to any interested manufacturers to be marketed commercially,” he added.