‘Triple Eye Lid’ is a new prototype of a smart innovative edible garden with passive cooling, humidifier and air particle control system that is built for disable people friendly mechanism of SURIS (Sustainable USIM Rapid Installation Shelter) e-home.

‘Triple Eye Lid’ has its own function. The first eyelid’s function is to protect the plants of the edible garden from the dust, wind and flaming sun. The second eyelid acts as watering mist systems from rainwater harvesting and fish pond. The third layer serves as the ‘windshield’ that wipes the sand and dust from the air once the system has detected high percentages of unhealthy air particles.

“This is our second time participated in ITEX, since the first participation was last year. This is indeed an overwhelming achievement for the team when we won gold award for this system, ‘Triple Eye Lid’, said Ar. Fadli bin Arabi, the team’s head of research.

“Every year, our team strives to produce a quality invention that will benefit people. From the idea of SURIS, we propose a smart plantation growth (an edible garden) incorporates with smart home technology and energy efficiency that has minimal carbon footprint, which is ‘Triple Eye Lid.’ Basically, the idea of ‘Triple Eye Lid’ is inspired by the camel’s eye lid, in which its function is to protect the camel’s eyes from the airborne sand. As a result, this has been applied for the garden of the house for the same purpose which protect the plants from dust and unhealthy air”.

“We were facing a problem to find companies or contractor to collaborating with us as to promote this product. Many companies are convinced that the more environment-friendly they become, it will add to costs and will not deliver immediate financial benefits. Luckily, we got to know Mag Builders as our partner and they agreed to collaborate and sign MoU with us to promote and commercialize this product while at the same time, providing green resources to consumers”, he added.

Partially, as people are environmental concerns nowadays, as a team are sure that society will be interested with this innovation. Especially, Mag Builders can give the most executives treatment on this system’s sustainability as the corporate social responsibility will be separated from personal businesses’ objectives. The most important point is that this prototype has a potential to be commercialized since it is easy to be maintained, to be assembled and provide efficiency energy. Indeed, it is a new trend for the developer to implement it in housing scheme.

This innovation is created for the community’s long-term benefit. Hopefully this product will be accepted by all because team members are trying to instill the interest of ‘go green’ by sharing the knowledge and passion through this innovation.

Group Leader:   
Ar. Fadli bin Arabi

Team’s members:  
Ar. Dr. Elina binti Mohd Husini
Ar. Abu Bakar bin Md Ali
Ar. Wan Norisma binti Wan ismail
Nurul Nadiah Bt Razali