KUALA PILAH – Emphasizing the pivotal role of student engagement in community service, the SecreFEM Welfare and Community Committee of the Faculty of Economics and Muamalat at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) recently spearheaded a transformative initiative. In collaboration with the Kampung Gachong Mosque Committee in Kuala Pilah, 40 dedicated students organized the Mission Volunteer Tour Program Kuala Pilah 2023 on November 11, 2023.

Taking place at the Kampung Gachong Mosque in Kuala Pilah, over 20 children from the local community enthusiastically participated in a program aimed at shaping the identity of young Muslims.

The inaugural ceremony for the Kuala Pilah Volunteer Tour Mission 2023 was graced by the Honorable Dato’ Adnan Hj Abu Hassan, Member of Parliament for Kuala Pilah. The event also witnessed the participation of five lecturers from Surabaya State University (UNESA) and Muhammadiyah University (UNISMUH) Makassar, enhancing the program’s regional significance.

Najah Khairudin, a final-year student in the Corporate Administration Program and the Deputy Director of the program, highlighted the diverse and impactful activities undertaken during the mission. These included collaborative efforts, the implementation of Smart Prayer tailored to the community’s needs, and the sharing of Perpatih customs.

Najah emphasized that such initiatives contribute positively to both the local community and the participating volunteers. Programs like the Kuala Pilah Volunteer Tour help mold well-rounded students, equipping them with essential soft skills acquired through meaningful volunteer experiences.

“Through collaborative activities, students imbibe values of compassion and community solidarity beyond the confines of the campus. Furthermore, we aim to educate these young minds about the fundamental principles of prayer, shaping a robust Muslim identity for the upcoming generation. Tok Paduka Menti, Kamaruzaman Hussin, also enriched the program by sharing insights into the customs of Perpatih, ensuring the preservation and transmission of this cultural heritage to future generations,” she stated.