Hydroshooter is a needle syringe cover that was invented to reduce the anxiety level of the patient where it also acts as distraction. Hydroshooter has 2 components which are outer and inner component. Inner component is made up of propylene while outer component is made up of silicone (dental impression material).

One of the benefits of Hydroshooter is it only covers the needle part where the dentist can monitor the amount of anesthetic agent given because it does not cover the body part. Besides that Hydroshooter has other function which is autocap where it automatically moves forward to cover the needle back. This function helps in preventing cross-contamination of infectious disease. Hydroshooter uses material that is latex free because some patients may have allergy to latex. The weight is light and easy to handle by the dentist. The material is disposable to prevent the cross-contamination as well to reduce the cost where it is 3 times cheaper compared to ANGELUS.

Research was conducted using Hydroshooter to investigate the effectiveness of Hydroshooter in reducing the anxiety level among the patients. The sample for this research is 35 patients of USIM Polyclinic. The result from the research is more than 50% of the subjects had dental anxiety towards local anesthetic injection. Meanwhile, 90% of the subjects agreed that Hydroshooter cover helps to reduce their anxiety. The study also found a statistically significant difference between conventional syringe and Hydroshooter cover in reducing child’s dental anxiety (p-value=0.000).

“We hope this product can be commercialized. We would like to further this research to identify the dentist’s perception in using the Hydroshooter thus we can improvise our design,” said Nurul Amirah.

Group members:
Dr Nor Azlina Ismail (Supervisor)
Dr Nusima Mohamed (Supevisor)
Nurul Amirah Yusof (Innovator)
Ammar Yaseer Abdul Hakim (Innovator)