18th June 2000 marked a significant event for USIM

18th June 2000 is a memorable date for the whole member of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), which is formerly known as Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia (KUIM). 18 years back, a number of 255 students of the first batch of KUIM had registered in Institut Profesional Baitulmal, Kampung Pandan, which was also the first day of formal operation of KUIM. A couple of years then, KUIM was proudly rebranded as USIM.

The establishment of KUIM instead, serves as a medium for the school leavers of Sekolah Menengah Agama Negeri (SMAN), Sekolah Menengah Agama Rakyat (SMAR) and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama (SMKA) to pursue Islamic studies without going to the Middle Eastern countries and this had directly reduced the cost to support the students. In addition to that, this is also in line with the government’s aspiration to produce many Islamic scholars in the country.

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The eldest batch of USIM staff (11 people) to report on duty on January, 2000. Follow the report by some eldest batch of KUIM staff in expressing their views on this.

“In this event of celebrating the 18 years of USIM this event of celebrating the 18 years of USIM, I would like to wish all the best to USIM and may we can strive harder to accomplish its mission in integrating the Naqli and Aqli knowledge as a medium of the Islamic civilization in the future. This vision is parallel to the knowledge tradition that has been embarked by our scholars and ulama throughout ages. In shaa Allah, سيروا على بركة الله”.

Dr. Wan Fariza Alyati Wan Zakaria, S005
The First Assistant Registrar in KUIM

“Among the experience that I cannot forget is that I had to bring bundles of application letters from UKM to KUIM by using public transportation. The spirit at that time was too intense. I can’t wait to see the vast development of KUIM.”

“It is hoped that the management of the university will be able to prioritise the welfare of the staff and students in order to ensure that USIM will continue to be the best university ever. I am proud as I am a part of the USIMians throughout 18 years of its establishment”.

En. Mohamad Fairuz Ismail, S006
Senior Administrative Officer, Department of Development and Management of Facility (JPPF)

“I started my career here as an Assistant Accountant, whereby at that time, there were many loopholes that I need to fix. I am happy to service the university and become among the eldest staff here, right before the transformation of KUIM to USIM. I wish that this university will continue to bloom and become one of the best universities in Malaysia and international, in the future. Thank you and all the best USIM!”

Pn. Azreen Fillzah Ahmad Azizan, S007
Senior Assistant Accountant, Department of Bursary

“18 years of USIM is full of countless ups and downs and now, I believe that, it already has a place in the hearts and minds of the people. Among the memories that I cannot let go was the time when I had to manage the students in co-curriculum activities such as sports, debates and hostel”.

“Until now, the network and relationship between the university and its Alumni is still good, although our students are mostly nationwide and have been successful in their own expertise. I pray hard that USIM will continue its excellence in providing quality education to the students”.

En. Mohd Asri Husain, S010
Deputy Director, Strategic Communication Centre (StraComm)

“I am confidence that USIM has the potential to further explore the knowledge. Therefore,  we as the staff and students should shoulder our responsibility to maintain the good name of  our beloved USIM, as if we would take care our precious belongings. USIM is LO’LO’, diamond that we have to love and care about”.

“Everyone has a role to play in order to help USIM in every aspect- the quality of the knowledge and practice, the cleanliness and the wellbeing of the campus, to name a few. This is important as in the long term, all resources will be enjoyed by our generations to come. This is in line with the university’s mission in making USIM a blessed campus and enriched with the Islamic scholars. Ameen Ya Rabb”.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Asma Abdul Rahman, S013
Lecturer at Faculty of Major language Studies (FPBU)