SEOUL, April 21, 2018 – Professor Tan Sri Dato’ Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, Founding Convener of Sejahtera Leadership Initiative (SLI) who is the Chairperson of Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) gave full endorsement on the fruitful discussions in strengthening bilateral relations between Professor Dr. Park Eun Kyung, Chairperson of Tongyeong Education Foundation For Sustainable Development & Regional Centre of Expertise (RCE) Tongyeong and Dr. Haji Zulkifly Baharom, SLI Chief Executive Officer (CEO). They have secured a big success. Commitments from both sides as stated during their discussions reaffirmed to step-up greater collaborative relationship that could lead for a positive impact on the future of Sejahtera Initiatives in the region and globally.

Tongyeong RCE Chairperson, Dr. Park has a colorful storied career as the former South Korean Minister of Environment and a high-stakes former Ambassador for sustainable civil engineering projects. She solidifies a high academic credentials as a tenured senior Professor with top universities. She obtained Masters and PhD degrees from the University of Michigan in the United States. She has always been a highly sought after keynote speaker at international seminar and conferences on sustainable development education. Commenting on the outcome of discussions with CEO Dr. Zul, she aptly said, “I am pleased with SLI attention to our RCE Tongyeong through your Sejahtera Initiative programs. I wish your effort to fast forward SLI be blossomed in the future.”

In response, Professor Tan Sri Dzul who first mooted the idea and concept of Sejahtera some 20 years ago said, “There is no doubt this bold initiative of ‘collaborative relationship” between SLI and RCE Tongyeong rooted in the deeper meaning and philosophy of Sejahtera that will enlighten our future generations. It will help to reclaim the traditional wisdom and cultural values that have gone astray. SLI in this respect shall remain thankful to RCE Tongyeong, especially to Professor Park for giving Sejahtera a new lease of life as an international platform, and turning it to reality. ”

Tongyeong Sejahtera Forest and Centre is a joint platform for RCEs in Asia Pacific and beyond as a UNESCO Global Action Program. This RCE on Education for Sustainable Development is a program of the United Nations University designated as the 8th RCE in the World, 2005. Its Vision is “An environmentally, economically and socially sustainable city which cultivates pride in its citizens” with the mission “Promoting of sustainable development of Tongyeong through education.” Statistics has shown for the period from April 2015 till December 2017, the total number of visitors to Sejahtera Forest and Centre has recorded 131,972 of which a total of 26,832 participated in its various programs: 10,888 Children, 5,332 Youth, 1,784 Foreigners, and 8,828 Citizens.

At ESD Global Level Programs, RCE Tongyeong extended the Sejahtera Internship, Residency & Fellowship to Assoc Prof Dr. Aswati Hamzah of RCE Penang based at University Sains Malaysia (USM) who did a research on the ‘Awareness about co-existence’ for a period 01 May – 10,June 2017; Student Naoko Ozaki from RCE Kitakyushu for the Internship Program studying the contents on’ Visiting School and Learning ESD programs’ for a project period 13 October – 23 December 2017; and Social activist Apurva Rai of RCE Sri Nagar & CEE Himalaya did an intensive Fellowship research paper on ‘Perspective of Disaster Risk Education Preparedness amongst RCE networks and the Schools of Asia Pacific Region’ for a project period 13 October, 2017 – 10 January, 2018.

Prepared by :
Dr. Zulkifly Baharom
CEO Sejahtera Leadership Initiative